We’re Committed to Green, Renewable Energy

Would you like to save thousands of pounds per year in energy? By installing solar panels or other renewable energy technology in your home or commercial building, you can generate your own energy and save a significant amount of money.

Green energy technology such as solar panels, wind turbines and micro-hydro is at its most affordable level in history. It’s now more affordable to generate your own renewable energy than to use electricity from the national grid.

We specialise in helping UK homes and businesses start using renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions and save thousands of pounds per year that would usually be spent on fossil fuel energy.

We also offer energy efficiency services and can help your home or building reduce its energy consumption through the use of energy efficient LED lighting, insulation, daylighting and other systems.

Our team has assisted hundreds of homeowners and businesses across the UK and generated measurable savings. We can help your home or business make the switch to renewable energy today.

Read our detailed guides to renewable energy and energy efficiency or contact us to learn more about how your business can get started with renewable energy.

Read our detailed solar energy guides

Solar energy is the most popular form of renewable energy. Across the world, solar photovoltaic panels are widely used by homeowners and businesses to create clean, renewable electricity with a minimal impact on the environment.

Thanks to economies of scale and programmes such as the Feed-in Tariff, it’s never been more affordable to install solar panels on your home or commercial building and start generating your own electricity.

Our detailed guides to solar energy provide the information you need to choose a solar panel installation for your home or commercial building. We also provide in-depth information on the financial and environmental benefits of solar power.

Other Renewable Energy

Solar panels aren’t the only way to generate your own green energy. Technologies such as micro-hydro and wind turbines let homeowners and businesses generate clean, green energy at an extremely low cost.

Like solar energy, forms of renewable energy such as wind and micro-hydro are eligible for the Feed-in Tariff, making them an affordable way to generate energy that powers your home or place of business.

Our detailed guides to renewable energy technologies give you the information you need to switch to wind, hydro, biomass and other renewable energy systems.

LED Lighting

Did you know that artificial lighting accounts for approximately 25% of the average home’s energy costs? Switching to LED lighting can significantly reduce your energy consumption, resulting in lower bills and a greener, healthier environment.

LED lighting offers a range of benefits over fluorescent or traditional incandescent light bulbs. Not only are LED lights cheaper to operate – they’re linked to improved workplace productivity and have several mental and physical health advantages.

Our detailed guides to LED lighting provide the information your need to make your home or commercial building’s lighting system cleaner, healthier and more energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that you can reduce your energy bills by as much as 30 per cent using simple energy efficiency techniques and investments? From daylighting to efficient use of heating, energy efficiency can significant reduce your energy costs.

In fact, energy saving techniques, training and investments can have an internal rate of return of up to 20%, making energy efficiency an important priority not only for homeowners, but also for businesses.

Our detailed guides to energy efficiency provide the information you need to switch from artificial lighting to daylighting, improve your home or building’s heating and reduce heat loss through efficient insulation.

Green Energy Programmes

Government programmes such as the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive make switching to renewable energy and heat a sensible financial decision for UK homes and businesses.

With the Feed-in Tariff scheme, you can earn money by generating and exporting renewable electricity. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a similar scheme for clean heat generation, provides a tariff for green heating technology.

Both of these schemes can significantly lower the cost of switching to green energy and heat. Over time, many homes and businesses that use green technology earn a significant profit on their investment through the programmes.

Our guides to the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive provide detailed and actionable information for homeowners and businesses on the benefits offered by the schemes, eligibility and the current tariff rates.

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Are you interested in using green energy technology? We’re dedicated to helping UK homeowners and businesses switch from using fossil fuels to generating renewable energy from solar, wind, micro-hydro and other technologies.

Our experienced team can provide the information you need to purchase and install your own solar panel system, wind turbine or other green energy technology. We’re here to make the process of switching to green energy as simple as possible.

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