Other Renewable Energy

  • Wind Energy

    Wind Energy The wind is a fantastic source of clean, renewable and free energy. If you own a large property and live in an area that receives a steady supply of wind, you might be able to generate some or all of your electricity using a wind turbine. Over the last decade, wind power has become the fastest-growing source of Continue Reading

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  • Micro-CHP Systems

    Micro-CHP Systems Would you like to generate electricity using your boiler? Micro combined heat and power technology – more commonly referred to as micro-CHP – generates heat via conventional fossil fuels such as gas, while also generating clean electricity. Although the technology in a micro-CHP boiler is sophisticated, the principle behind micro-CHP energy is very simple. Micro-CHP involves creating electricity Continue Reading

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  • Hydropower Systems

    Hydropower Systems Few sources of energy are as sustainable, clean and cost-effective as hydroelectric energy. Hydroelectricity, also known as hydropower, is used in over 150 countries on a large scale as a cost-effective, clean form of electricity. While people usually associate hydropower with large dams, it’s also possible to generate hydroelectric energy using small-scale turbine systems to power private homes, Continue Reading

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  • Ground Source Heat

    Ground Source Heat Did you know you can reduce your energy consumption by changing the way you heat your home or commercial building? Ground source heat pumps, also referred to as geothermal or ground-to-water heat pumps, are a type of heating system that extract heat from the ground and transfer it into your home or building. Switching to a ground Continue Reading

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  • Biomass Energy

    Biomass Energy When you think of plant matter and animal waste, do you see an unwanted product to be disposed of or a useful source of energy? Biomass heating systems burn plant matter to create heat. Some biomass systems are combined heat and power (CHP) systems, which produce both electricity and heat using biomass fuels. Most biomass technology is used Continue Reading

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  • Air Source Heat

    Air Source Heat Changing the way you heat or cool your home is one of the most effective ways to reduce your electrical consumption and become more energy efficient. Air source heat pumps are a type of energy efficient heating system that deliver as much as three times the total amount of heat energy to your home or commercial building Continue Reading

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