Energy Efficiency

  • How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption at Home or at Work

    How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption at Home or at Work There are many benefits to reducing your energy consumption. Using less energy can reduce your household or business’s bills, lessen your environmental impact and make it easier to switch to a renewable energy source such as wind or solar. Would you like to lower your energy consumption? We’ve listed Continue Reading

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  • Heating

    Heating How much does it cost to heat your home? Heating systems such as electric heaters and boilers consume a significant amount of energy, making heating a large expense for many UK homes and commercial properties. Heating accounts for more than 40% of the energy used in a typical home. Since the majority of homes use such a huge percentage Continue Reading

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  • Daylighting

    Daylighting Does your building depend on artificial lighting? By lighting your property using the natural light of the sun, you can reduce your energy bills while creating a productive and healthy environment. Daylighting is the use of natural sunlight to light your building – whether it’s a home or commercial building. Effective use of daylighting can lower the amount of Continue Reading

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  • Benefits of Energy Efficiency

    Benefits of Energy Efficiency Are you interested in lowering your energy consumption? Reducing the amount of energy your property uses is a great way to lower your environmental impact and save money. Both commercial and residential buildings can benefit from energy efficiency. You can also benefit from using energy efficiency practices in combination with green energy systems like solar or Continue Reading

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