Residential LED Lighting

Residential LED Lighting

Would you like to lower your energy bills? Lighting is a significant expense for most homeowners, accounting for approximately 12% of household energy consumption in the UK.

By switching from costly and inefficient incandescent or fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, you could save £240 or more per year by using less electricity and needing to replace your light bulbs less frequently.

LED lighting has grown from an expensive luxury into a cost-effective option in the last decade. A growing number of UK businesses and homeowners are switching off their incandescent or CFL lighting and installing newer, more efficient LED lights.

There are numerous benefits of switching to LED lighting. LED lights cost far less to run over the long term due to lower energy consumption, contain fewer hazardous materials and have an extremely long lifespan.

Would you like to install LED lighting in your home or apartment? Read on to learn more about the unique benefits of LED lighting, from reduced electricity costs to a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

It’s never been more affordable to install LED lighting at home

For years, many homeowners have written off LED light bulbs due to their relatively high purchase price. At first glance, an LED light can cost two to three times as much as a CFL light bulb, and more than 10 times as much as an incandescent light bulb.

Purchase price aside, LED lighting is actually extremely affordable. In fact, it’s never been more affordable to switch from incandescent or CFL lighting to LED lighting.

If you currently use incandescent light bulbs in your home, you could be spending as much as 75% more than you need to. Even the energy saving fluorescent bulbs cost more to run due to increased electricity consumption than LED light bulbs.

There have never been a better time to switch to LED lighting, and there have never been better savings possible. Replacing your lighting with LED light bulbs can help you reduce your annual electricity costs by as much as £240.

LEDs provide better light at a far lower average wattage

Many homeowners are amazed to learn just how efficient LED lights are compared to incandescent and energy saving fluorescent bulbs.

Measured in lumens, a standard unit for measuring the intensity of light, a tiny nine watt LED light bulb is capable of generating the same amount of light as a larger 60 watt incandescent light bulb, all while using a fraction as much electricity.

On average, each incandescent light bulb you replace with an LED bulb can save you as much as £5.50 in saved electricity alone. In a large home or apartment, this could lead to significant savings and much more affordable electricity bills.

Add the long lifespan of LED light bulbs to the equation and the value of LED lighting becomes even greater. LED lights typically last for 30 to 50 times as long as standard incandescent bulbs, and three to five times as long as compact fluorescent lighting.

Finally, LED lights produce higher quality light than fluorescent lighting and are an ideal choice for creating comfortable, relaxing interior environments.

LED lighting has fantastic benefits for homes and apartments

From reducing your electricity consumption and lowering your bills to making your home greener, LED lighting has a wide range of benefits for homes and apartments:

Use less electricity and save more money

On average, UK homeowners that switch from incandescent lighting to LED lighting save £240 per year. LED lighting uses significantly less electricity than incandescent and CFL lighting, making it an affordable and environmentally friendly choice.

Because LED light bulbs use so little electricity, they’re a fantastic choice for homes with renewable energy systems such as solar panels. During the day, you can bank electricity for later use without your home’s lighting using a large extra electricity.

Reduce your home’s carbon dioxide emissions

Does your home help or hurt the environment? Because LED lighting uses so little electricity, switching to LED lighting is a great way to reduce your home’s carbon dioxide emissions and use less fossil fuels.

LED light bulbs aren’t just energy efficient – they’re also clean. The majority of the materials used to manufacture LED lighting equipment are recyclable, and modern LED light bulbs don’t contain the hazardous materials found in CFLs.

Replace light bulbs far less frequently

Did you know that LED light bulbs last up to 50 times longer than incandescent light bulbs? Modern LED lighting equipment is built to last using materials that work for years before gradually becoming less bright.

Unlike fluorescent or incandescent lights, LED light bulbs don’t “burn out” and leave you with no light at all. Instead, they gradually become less powerful after as long as 50,000 hours of use.

Create a more comfortable home

Have you ever felt tired after spending a day inside? Spending too long in a room lit by fluorescent lighting can make you feel tired and fatigued, resulting in a condition known as sick building syndrome”.

Unlike other types of artificial lighting, LED lighting produces healthy, bright white light that doesn’t trigger common health effects of artificial lighting such as fatigue and stress, making it a great choice for homes and apartments.

Make the switch to LED lighting

Would you like to lower your home’s electricity bills? Switching to LED lighting can result in a significant reduction in your electrical consumption, leading to lower bills and a more affordable property.

Join the growing number of homeowners replacing their incandescent or CFL lights with energy efficient LED lighting.

We specialise in energy efficient lighting and renewable energy and can provide the advice and assistance you need to switch to LED lighting. Our experienced team has helped a large number of UK homeowners choose the right LED lighting system.

Would you like to make the switch and lower your energy bills? Contact us now to speak to one of our energy efficient lighting experts and learn how much you could save by switching to LED lighting.