LED Lighting for Offices

LED Lighting for Offices

Would you like to reduce your office’s electricity consumption? By replacing your fluorescent light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs, you can reduce the amount of electricity your office consumes and enjoy healthier, more productive light.

Over the last decade, LED lighting has grown from a rare and expensive option into an affordable, energy efficient lighting choice that’s widely used in offices, industrial buildings and retail stores.

LED light bulbs offer a number of advantages over CFL or incandescent lights. They consume less electricity, provide either directional or diffuse light and are designed and built to last as long as 50,000 hours.

If your office currently uses CFL or incandescent lighting, you may be able to lower your lighting electricity consumption by as much as 75% by switching to LED light bulbs, potentially saving you thousands of pounds per year.

Would you like to learn more about LED lighting for your office? Read on to discover how your office can use LED lighting technology to lower its bills, reduce its lighting electricity consumption and become more environmentally friendly.

LED lighting is more effective and affordable than ever before

Did you know that your office’s lighting system could be responsible for as much as 40% of its total electricity consumption?

Lighting your office is a demanding task, and if you use compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) or incandescent light bulbs, you could be spending significantly more than you need to on office lighting.

Worse yet, you could be lighting your office using unnatural, unhealthy light that can affect efficiency and productivity, costing your business through lost results.

Over the last decade, LED lighting has become significantly more affordable. It’s now up to 75% cheaper to light your office using LED light bulbs than with old-fashioned incandescent lighting.

Invest in lighting that saves your business money

LEDs are the most efficient form of lighting available today. On average, LED light bulbs use 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. LEDs use even less power than the energy efficient CFL bulbs marketed to many businesses.

Because LED light bulbs are so energy efficient, they’re able to provide the same level of light as CFL and incandescent bulbs at a much lower wattage. A nine watt LED lamp is equally as bright as a far larger 60 watt incandescent light bulb.

This means that LED lighting isn’t just an alternative to CFL or incandescent light bulbs – it’s an investment. Over time, the cost advantages of LED lighting become more significant and measurable for your business.

If your business leases or owns a large amount of office space, switching to LED lighting could save it thousands of pounds per year. The larger its office and the greater its lighting requirements, the bigger its potential savings.

LED lighting offers unique advantages for businesses

Would you like to improve your office’s productivity, reduce electricity usage and downsize your carbon footprint? LED lighting offers a range of unique advantages for businesses, which are listed below:

Reduce your office’s electricity bills

Switching to energy efficient LED lighting could reduce your office’s energy bills by tens of thousands of pounds per year. The larger your office and the greater its use of artificial lighting, the more you can potentially save by switching to LED lighting.

LED lighting is 75% more efficient than incandescent lighting and more than 12% more efficient than compact fluorescent lighting, giving it a unique cost advantage that can make your business more competitive.

Downsize your carbon footprint

Would you like to reduce your business’s carbon emissions? LED lighting is energy efficient, allowing you to easily lower your energy consumption and downsize your office’s carbon footprint.

Because LED lighting uses very little electricity, it’s an excellent choice for modern offices that use renewable energy systems such as solar panels. During the day, an LED lighting system is often efficient enough to run on renewable electricity alone.

Simplify office maintenance

Did you know that LED lights last for up to 50 times as long as incandescent lights, and up to five times longer than CFLs? This means lower costs for your business, as well as a significant reduction in office maintenance.

Modern LED light bulbs are capable of providing high quality light for up to 50,000 hours of use. As LED bulbs become older, they don’t “burn out” like incandescent or fluorescent bulbs – they merely become less bright.

Increase worker productivity

Amazingly, LED lighting can improve your office’s productivity. Because LED light bulbs produce white light, they more closely mimic natural sunlight and don’t lead to the sick building syndrome that can affect offices lit by fluorescent lights alone.

The light produced by LED light bulbs is ideal for creating a highly productive work environment. Interestingly, research has also revealed that people are less likely to feel afternoon fatigue in office environments lit using LED technology.

Make the switch to LED lighting

Would you like to reduce your office’s electricity consumption and spend much less on energy? Switching to LED lighting can have a significant effect on your electricity consumption, all while improving productivity and reducing your carbon emissions.

Join the growing number of businesses replacing their fluorescent lights with energy efficient LED lighting.

Switching to LED lighting could save your business tens of thousands of pounds per year on its electricity bills. You can also create a vastly more productive, welcoming and healthy work environment without any effects of sick building syndrome.

We specialise in energy efficient lighting and renewable energy and can help your business make the switch to LED lighting. Our team of experts have provided LED lighting equipment, advice and assistance to a wide range of UK businesses.

Installing LED lighting is an affordable process that’s suitable for any office, from new developments to older buildings.

Would you like to make the switch and lower your electricity bills? Contact us to speak to our experienced team and learn more about the advantages of switching from CFLs to LED lighting.