LED Lighting for Retail

LED Lighting for Retail

Are you interested in reducing your retail store’s energy consumption? If your retail stores currently use incandescent or CFL lighting, you could reduce your electricity usage for lighting by as much as 75% by switching to LED light bulbs.

LED lighting is an affordable, energy efficient alternative to incandescent or compact fluorescent lights. A growing number of retailers, from small businesses to large and well-known chains, have started using LED lighting to save money in their stores.

There are several advantages to LED lighting for retailers. LED lights use less energy than incandescent bulbs. In fact, switching to LED light bulbs can save you electricity even if you currently use energy efficient compact fluorescent lighting.

LED lighting also offers a longevity and durability advantage. Many LED light bulbs are designed to tolerate up to 50,000 hours of continuous use, further reducing the cost of lighting your retail store.

Add enhanced productivity, a more welcoming in-store environment and directional lighting to the long list of benefits and it becomes clear why so many retailers have made the switch to LED lighting.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits LED lighting for retail stores? Read on to learn how your retail business can use LED lighting to lower its electricity bills, enhance its in-store environment and downsize its carbon footprint.

Modern LED lighting is efficient, affordable and designed to last

Lighting is a major expense for retailers. If you operate a large retail store that stays open into the evening, your store’s lighting could be responsible for as much as 40% of its total electricity consumption.

If your retail stores are lit using incandescent or fluorescent lighting, you might be able to significantly reduce the amount of electricity they consume by switching to energy efficient LED lighting.

LED lighting not only saves your business money on its electricity bills – it’s also a more comfortable form of light that improved productivity and creates a far more welcoming environment for customers.

In the last 10 years, the price of LED lighting has decreased significantly. Switching to LED lighting could result in your retail store reducing its lighting-related energy consumption by up to 75%, leading to significant savings.

LED lighting is a proven, effective investment for retailers

Did you know that LED lights use even less electricity than energy efficient CFLs? On average, LED lights consume over 75% less electricity than incandescent light bulbs, and 12% less electricity than compact fluorescent lighting.

In fact, LED lighting is so efficient that it can provide the same amount of lumens (a measure of light created) as incandescent lighting at a wattage of just 15 to 20% as much as an equivalent incandescent light bulb.

That wattage saving isn’t just a selling point – it’s a source of significant savings for your retail business. LED lighting is an investment that can result in major savings for your retail stores over the long term.

The larger your retail stores and the more demanding their lighting requirements are, the greater the benefits you can experience from replacing your incandescent and/or fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LEDs.

The unique benefits of LED lighting for retailers

From lowering your retail store’s electricity consumption to creating a much more welcoming and comfortable environment for customers, LED lighting offers a wide range of unique benefits for retailers:

Lower your monthly electricity spending

Electricity is a major expense for many retailers, and lighting makes up a large share of the average retail store’s electricity consumption. Switching to LED lighting could lower your location’s lighting-related electricity usage by as much as 75 per cent.

Even if your retail locations currently use energy efficient CFLs, you can reduce the cost of lighting your stores using LED light bulbs, which are upwards of 12% more efficient and have significantly lower long-term running costs.

Learn more about how much you can save using LED lighting in our How Much Does LED Lighting Cost? guide.

Reduce your carbon emissions

If your retail stores draw their electricity from the national grid, artificial lighting could account for a significant percentage of the carbon emissions they generate.

Because LED lighting is so energy efficient, it uses very little electricity and produces very little carbon dioxide. The materials used in LED light bulbs are non-toxic, easy to recycle and less damaging to the environment than those used in CFLs.

Since LEDs use so little electricity to light your retail space, they’re also ideal for use alongside a solar or wind energy system.

Reduce your store’s maintenance needs

On average, LED lighting last for 30 to 50 times as long as incandescent light bulbs, making them far easier to manage and maintain. LED lighting is also designed with an average lifespan of three to five times as long as a similar fluorescent light bulb.

Because LED light bulbs last for so long, they require little maintenance and only need to be replaced as their lumen output decreases. Over the long term, you can save money by not needing to replace your store’s light bulbs frequently.

Create a more welcoming, comfortable environment

LED lighting is far more versatile than fluorescent or incandescent lighting. It’s also far healthier, with buildings lit using LEDs significantly less likely to experience any effects of sick building syndrome.

Because LEDs can produce directional light, they’re an excellent solution for in-store displays and exhibits. LED lighting can also be installed underneath counters and on stairways to increase visibility and prevent slips and other accidents from occurring.

Make the switch to LED lighting

Would you like to lower your retail store’s electricity bills and downsize its carbon footprint? LED lighting is an affordable, energy efficient solution that’s perfect for retail stores, supermarkets and other shopping environments.

Join the growing number of independent retailers and international brands that use energy efficient LED lighting.

By switching to LED lighting, your retail business could save tens of thousands of pounds a year while creating a more comfortable store environment that attracts new customers.

It’s extremely affordable to switch to LED lighting, and many businesses achieve a positive return on investment within the first year.

Would you like to make the switch and lower your electricity bills? Contact us to speak to our experienced team and learn more about the unique advantages LED lighting offers to retailers.